About Us

Last Updated on September 29, 2020

Kids Activities was founded to provide families with helpful resources and information on what to do with kids in Ireland. It is a great passion of ours to share fun places to visit and bring joy into the lives of parents and children with new ideas and activities. 

Finding inspiration for families that are doable with their everyday busy lives can be a challenge. Here, you can find resources to make the best out of each day. We want to make sure, you get as much information as you need to make the best choices for your family on what to do, what to watch, and what is on. We strive every day to get as many news about fun activities and events for kids to you. It is our priority to make our resources as simple, accessible, and inclusive as possible so families of any shape, kids of all ages, with or without siblings can enjoy our suggestions and ideas. 

As a family of four with vastly different interests (video games, sports, animals, and cooking), we were looking for a guide to find activities we could all enjoy together. We created this page in a collaborative effort, taking into account our children’s opinions and working together as parents to create a useful and entertaining blog for families. We love exploring new places in Ireland to discover all the great possibilities this country has to offer. Our favourite activities as a family include visiting beaches and forests, having dance parties and making each other laugh.