Best Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Dublin

Last Updated on June 16, 2023

Martial Arts have been popular as kids’ classes for quite some time, these clubs make learning them fun and accessible for everyone. Here, you will find the most experienced and enthusiastic coaches to lead your child through martial arts training safely and with lots of attention. These coaches are not only well-seasoned fighters, they also lead by example and support each student on their own journey. There are plenty of different types of Martial Arts and each of them has its own strengths. You might be looking for a practical self-defence system such as Krav Maga in Blanchardstown or Jiu-Jitsu in Glasnevin to learn techniques that will let your child defeat stronger opponents on the mat. Whether it is North Dublin or South Dublin, there are great Martial Arts training centres all over the county.

Dublin has a great selection of kids’ martial arts classes available and below you will find the best of them all.

North Dublin

Dublin 7

Martial Arts Inc

This is one of Dublin’s most prestigious Kickboxing gyms. You could not be in better hands with Robert Devane as the founder of Martial Arts Inc. He is a multiple Karate and Kickboxing World Champion and puts lots of effort into selecting the best coaches for his gym. Declan is the kids’ coach who leads students with lots of motivation and energy through each class. He has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years and is passing on his passion to his students. Kickboxing classes are structured with games, strength and conditioning exercises and in a friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome. 

Address: Unit 5 Brunswick Court, North Brunswick Street, Dublin 7, D07 YC93

Classes are for age 5 – 13 years.

Dublin 11, Glasnevin 

Kyuzo Gym

Kyuzo Gym Logo

Join BJJ classes, combining ancient teachings of martial arts with modern fitness techniques. At this gym, children are encouraged to incorporate discipline and respect into their everyday lives. Classes for young children are focussing on learning through play, whereas older children also learn about perfecting certain skills such as coordination and concentration. From the age of 10, children are encouraged to train for competitions if they like and more overall fitness training is incorporated into their classes. The coaches encourage children to challenge themselves and achieve their personal goals in a safe and accepting environment. Paul is the coach for children aged 4 – 6 years-old and Grant is training children aged 7 – 12, they are specialized children’s coaches and great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructors. 

Address: Unit 2A, Ballyboggan Business Centre, Ballyboggan Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11

The Classes are: Mighty Mite age 4-6, Pee Wee age 7-9, Junior age 10-12, Teens age 13-16

Dublin 15, Coolmine

Satori BJJ

Satori BJJ has highly developed training programmes for each children’s age group. Starting with the youngest at 3 years old in their unique agility, balance, coordination, jiu-jitsu-class, also called ABCJ. Children in this class will be introduced to basic jiu-jitsu moves as well as play plenty of games and exercises to get out all that energy. Satori BJJs’ coaches are very invested in their work with the students and ensure at all times a fun and safe environment. Sparring is introduced at the age of 9 in the intermediate class so each student is familiar with BJJ techniques beforehand. Another great feature of this gym is its advanced & competition class open to all students to increase their abilities physically and mentally. Satori also offers children’s boxing and wrestling and MMA classes. These are open for children between 5 and 17, however, the group gets split into groups of teens and children. Students in boxing and wrestling are trained according to their abilities. The classes focus on teaching patterns and how to move in a safe way. 

Address: Unit 8B Coolmine Central Porters Road Ireland, Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin, D15 KT72

The age groups are: ABCJ age 3 – 5, Beginners age 5 – 8, Intermediate age 9 – 12, Advanced class: mixed ages, Teens age 13 – 17, Competition class: age 9 +, Junior Boxing: age 5 – 17, Junior Wrestling: age 5 – 17

Dublin 15, Blanchardstown

Krav Maga Academy

Krav Maga Academy Logo

Learn in a fun and safe atmosphere a practical self-defence system to learn how to recognize and react in potentially dangerous situations. Classes are developed to help children in each stage of life react in a controlled way in conflict situations. There are different challenges that come with different ages from sand throwing to group conflicts. The coaches go through various scenarios in a playful way to train children on how to deal with various real-life situations. Apart from that, physical fitness, striking and kicking as well as mental control are part of Krav Maga training. 

Address: Phibblestown community centre, Phibblestown Road, Dublin 15, D15 XT85. This club also offers martial arts classes in Wicklow.

Classes are for kids 4 – 7, juniors 8 – 12, teens 13 – 15 

South Dublin

Dublin 6, Ranelagh

Hombu Dojo

Hombu Dojo Logo

Karate does not only look cool in Karate Kid, but it is also a very useful self-defence method. Hombu Dojo is the place you want to send your child to if you are looking for the best Karate club in Dublin. There are over 500 members in over ten successful outlets. Karate comes with learning to channel emotions, fighting techniques and a great community spirit. This gym is very special because it offers mixed adults & kids classes. If you are looking for ways to spend more bonding time with your child, sign up for a parent & child class and cheer each other on. On top of that, they have very well adapted to our new COVID reality and offer online classes twice a week for anyone to join and outdoor classes that adhere to social distancing. 

Address: Rear Cullenswood Park, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, D06 Y313

Other branches of Hombu Dojo offering Karate in Dublin: Rathmines, Clonskeagh, Dalkey, Sandyford, Ballinteer, Kimmage, Stillorgan, Ballyogan, Booterstown, Tallaght, Terenure.

The classes are: Kids beginners, Kids mixed levels, Kids red-purple belt, Kids purple belt and up, Teens, Mixed adults & kids, Mixed adults & teens

Dublin 8 Inchicore & Dublin 24 Tallaght

Straight Blast Gym (SBG) Ireland

SBG logo

This gym offers a unique Martial Arts training experience for kids consisting of a mixed programme of BJJ and MMA. Alongside the training of strikes, grappling and fitness, the teaching of the philosophies of Martial Arts is a great focus of the gym. The Growing Gorillas Programme is training children from as young as 4 years old to get accustomed to various Martial arts techniques and learn important teachings such as respect, patience and discipline of the mind and body.

Each age group focuses on the stage of development the children are at to ensure they have the best experience possible. There are plenty of games and group exercises included to make the training fun and engaging. SBG has a dedicated Facebook group for parents of students to get all the updates they need.  At this gym, the coaches developed a specialised Submission Samurai programme for children who would like to put extra time into their training to excel at competitions. All kids are encouraged to compete and get on a higher belt level but it is all in the spirit of fun and not necessary.

The Coaches: SBG has various branches all over Ireland. In Dublin, there are three SBGs’ of which two offer children’s classes. At Dublin’s HQ in Dublin 8, Nerijus Gulbinas and Brad Katona are the children’s coaches. They specialise in BJJ and MMA. In Tallaght, at the D24 gym, the kids’ head coach is Dean Donnelly. He specialises in BJJ and has a great way of teaching kids how to apply the lessons of Martial Arts in their everyday lives.

Address: Dublin 8: SBG Ireland HQ, Unit 13 Goldenbridge Industrial Estate, Inchicore, Dublin 8, D08 WK22. Dublin 24: Unit 1 Sitecast Industrial Estate, Greenhills Rd, Tymon North, Dublin 24

The age groups are: Spider Monkeys age 4 – 6, Chimps Class age 7 – 9, Gorillas age 10 – 12, Silverbacks age 13 – 16

Dublin 12, Harolds Cross

HX Taekwon-Do 

Let your kids train at this prestigious Taekwon-Do academy to increase their confidence, make friends and have a good time. Stuart, the head coach of HX Taekwon-Do is a fifth-degree black belt and a very experienced children’s coach. He pays attention to each child’s abilities and makes sure the kids are enthusiastic about each week’s class. The club is part of the Irish National Taekwon-Do Association and attends national and international competitions. 

Address: HX Taekwon-Do, Unit 14A Greenmount Industrial Estate, Harolds Cross, Dublin 12

Classes are: Kids TKD age 7 – 10, Junior Beginners (white/yellow belts) age 10 – 16, Junior Advanced (green belts and up) age 10 – 16, Junior Advanced (blue belts and up) 10 – 16

Dún Laoghaire

Kung Fu 4 Kids

Kung Fu 4 Kids Logo

The Chinese practice of Kung Fu has been taught throughout the ages. Children can now join in and learn all those cool kicks and self-defence techniques as seen on Kung Fu Panda. Students will learn basic Kung Fu techniques accompanied by the teachings of discipline and confidence. The coaches are specifically trained to teach children and enjoy a high reputation in the local community. Children train in the classes to earn a new sash (a Kung Fu belt) by accomplishing certain techniques. This gym also offers advanced classes that prepare children to reach the ultimate black sash. Kung Fu 4 Kids is doing holiday camps if your child cannot get enough of Kung Fu. On top of that, they have a lot of resources on their website for kids to practise techniques at home. 

Address: The Martial Arts Academy, 70 Mounttown Business Park, Mounttown Road Lower, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

The classes are: Little Cranes age 5 – 7, Shouting Cranes age 7 – 11, Flying & Fighting Cranes black belt training, Teens Kung Fu age 12 – 15

Dún Laoghaire

Warriors Gym Thai Boxing

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a physically demanding fighting style involving striking and kicking sets. This sport is great for stress release and gives boys and girls increased confidence. Classes are 45 mins long and encourage children to have fun while learning skills that are useful in everyday life such as discipline and respect. The classes have a high safety standard and are led by instructors who set a positive example for children. Head coach Cian is truly passionate about this sport and he has won multiple championships.

Address: Unit E, Mounttown Industrial Estate, 70 Lower Mounttown Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin

Kids classes are for age 5 – 12 beginners, age 5 – 12 advanced

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