Things to do in Dublin with Kids

Family days in the Outdoors:

The sun is out, the birds are singing and you want to have a fun time with your loved ones in the beautiful fresh summer air? We have gathered all the best places in County Dublin your family can have a fun-filled day at in the outdoors.

Dublin Zoo – Our All Time Favourite

Animals, Education, Walking

Baby seal and big seal in the zoo.

Whose kids do not love animals? Going to zoos is such a bonding and exciting experience for the entire family. It’s great because not only is there a lot to see and to do but also as parents it is enjoyable every time! Seeing the kids faces when they get to watch their favourite animals in real life is priceless. The sea lions are especially interesting to my children and luckily enough, there are a few steps in front of the attraction where you can sit and watch the sea lions for as long as you like while having a snack break. Every Zoo visit is an educational experience, you get out in the sun, get some exercise by going on the playground and walking to each attraction. Use your Tesco Clubcard to get discounts and book your tickets online to get some extra savings. 

Price €50.50 per Family
AgeAll Ages
LocationDublin 8
FoodMeerkat Restaurant, The Cove and Nakuru Cafe got you sorted for full meals and snacks

Phoenix Park – Endless Space to Have Fun

Deer in Phoenix park Ireland

Walking, Nature, Cycling

This place makes for a great day out and gives you lots of options to create a day out to your needs. Some of the options that Phoenix Park provides are to have a picnic, use the 14 km of cycling trail to explore the park, go to the playground and have some tea at one of the cafés. You can rent bikes including safety jackets and helmets at the entrance to the Park. The bikes are especially handy when you are trying to spot some of the wild deer that are freely running around in the park. This place is especially great if you want to meet in a bigger group as you will never run out of space. 

Price Free Admission
Bike rental from €15 per Person
AgeAll Ages
LocationDublin 8
FoodPhoenix Park Tea Rooms serving sweet treats and snacks or lots of restaurants around the park, for example, Nancy Hands

Malahide Castle & Gardens – Takes You Into Another World

Education, Walking, Magic

Malahide Castle Ireland

This day out is going to enchant you and show you another world. You can go on a tour of the beautiful castle to explore the history of the Talbot family and how the lived in the castle hundreds of years ago. Alternatively, there is a magic castle tour where tales and magical stories are being told in an engaging way for children. Afterwards, you can go on a great fairy walk where you can spot lots of little fairy surprises and at the same time fill in an activity booklet to keep your kids engaged. As if that was not enough, there is also a Butterfly House with more than 20 different species of butterflies that surround you amongst beautiful exotic plants.


Price €40 per Family including magical castle tour, butterfly house and fairy walk
AgeAll Ages
FoodAvoca serving lunch and sweet treats or bring your own and have a picnic in the gardens

Airfield Estate – Dublins’ Greatest Farm

Sheep looking into camera

Animals, Walking, Farming

Learn about farming in Ireland and cuddle cute goats. Airfield offers vast gardens to explore and guided tours through the historical estate. The staff at Airfield is very friendly and accommodating, they offer for families to help out to collect eggs in the morning and watch the animals being fed. There is a car museum with antique cars to learn facts about and an amazing adventure playground. The whole experience gives a really great insight into sustainable agriculture and brings everyone closer to nature. Your kids can even play in a real barn!

Price €22 per Family
Age0 – 10
FoodOverends Kitchen and Kiosk serving full meals and treats

The Jeanie Johnston – Ship & Museum in one 

History, Education, Tours

Dockworker statue Ireland

Walk through history by boarding the amazing replica of the Jeanie Johnston. Showing your kids this important part of Irish history by showing them the journey of people fleeing the famine of the 1840s is going to educate and amaze them. This museum is telling the stories of people who boarded the Jeanie Johnston with great tour guides and wax figures to make you really feel as if you were there. Being on this great ship already is a great experience but getting to know the history of it really makes this a unique way to spend the day.

Price €30 per Family for a 50 min Tour
Age7 +
LocationDublin 1
FoodDublin city centre has endless options

Zip It Adventure Forest – Up in the Trees

Happy kids on a zip-line

Climbing, Excitement, Nature

Spend the day with your family climbing in the trees and working together as a team. This is especially suitable for adventures kids that are looking for a little adrenalin kick in the outdoors. With 655 meters of ziplines across 5 different circuits that are suitable for different ages and abilities, you will create lots of new memories in this place. The instructors take all the time to answer any questions and give a full safety briefing. Depending on the ages of your children, you have 3 hours to go onto higher circuit levels and test your nerves.

Price Per Person:
7 – 8 Years: €15.00
9 – 11 Years: €25.00
12 – 14 Years: €30.00
15 + : €35.00
Age7 +
LocationTibradden Wood, Cruagh
Food15 mins drive to Dundrum Town Centre with plenty of options

Indoor Activities in Dublin:

Imaginosity – Children’s Museum

girl playing with toy supermarket.

Explore, Learn, Play

Imaginosity is so much more than a museum. It feels more like an open-concept playground that has great props for creative playing. Imagine all shops and utilities you would have in a town just made for kids. That is what you are going to find at Imaginosity. There is a food market, a garage, a news station and a theatre all in miniature size, perfect for kids. The exhibits are created with much love and detail that makes it a really great experience for children. Everything in this museum is meant to be touched and interacted with. Your kids can also join one of the staff on a scavenger hunt at set times through the entire museum. Every visit at Imaginosity is going to get your children inspired and they will be busy playing there for hours. 

Price €8 per Person for 2 hours
Booking in advance recommended 
Age0 – 12
LocationSandyford, Dublin 18
FoodSmall Cafe with pizza available in the museum

Natural History Museum – Learn About Everything Around You

Killer whale skeleton at Natural History Museum Ireland

Education, Animals, Discover

If your kids are as curious as mine, they will ask you every day at least a thousand questions of which you can answer maybe five. How big are a moose’s antlers? Why do penguins not fly? Those and many more question you will find the answers to at the Natural History Museum. It is a great place to go especially for learning about Irish wildlife and plants. If you want to know what to expect before making your way there, you can actually take a virtual tour through the entire museum! This is also great to do at home on a rainy day. However, nothing can replace the feeling of touching a real shark tooth which you can only do if you go to the Wonder Cabinet in the museum.

Price Free Admission
Age3 +
LocationDublin 2
FoodDublin city centre offers lots of options

Rainforest Adventure Golf – Dublin’s Best Mini Golf 

Active, Fun, Family Friendly


Challenge yourselves by playing this traditional game as a family. Miniature Golf is a great activity to support one another, cheer and groan as you try to hit that hole. What I love about this particular mini golf course is that it is themed which makes it much more intriguing for children. Another great advantage is that it is indoors which makes for a perfect rainy day activity as you can go in early, grab some lunch afterwards and have a great day out even if the weather does not cooperate. Mini golf is a great activity especially for older children because it challenges not only their sports abilities but also their thinking and doesn’t get boring.

Price €30 per Family
Age7 +
FoodIt’s Dundrum, they’ve got it all. There is a small restaurant on the premise

Jump Zone – Get Out Your Wiggles

Sports, Active, Super Fun

Girl jumping

Trampolines are the best. No doubt about it. The more the better and in this place, there are trampolines as far as the eye can see. You can book your spot at Jump Zone for 1 hour to 90 mins but believe me after that time, you are ready to sleep for the rest of the day. Jumping in this place is so fun, you can jump between more than 50 trampolines, play basketball on a trampoline, jump into a foam pit or do an obstacle course. It can get quite crowded so I would recommend staying close to younger children. This place is great for parties, great for families and kids (and adults) of all ages are going to have a good time there.

Price €14 per Person per Hour
Age3 +
LocationSandyford, Dublin 18
FoodSmall cafe with pizza on-site or check out La Dolce Vita an affordable, high-quality Italian restaurant nearby

Kylemore Karting – Racing in Go Karts 

People doing Indoor Go-Karting

Cars, Racing, Excitement

This is an extra special experience and for many kids a dream come true! Racing on one of the three indoor tracks that are modeled after real Formula 1 tracks is an unique day out that you and your family will not forget. The instructors are very good at briefing you about safety and answering all questions you might have. You get race gear that adds to the whole fun because you are actually dressed as a real racer would be. The karts for children are designed to give more control and less speed to ensure a safe drive. 

Price €80 per Family
Age9 +
Children must be over 137 cm tall
LocationKylemore, Dublin 10
FoodThe Warehouse Café is just 5 mins away and has a selection of tasty rolls and soups

EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum

There's More tu us than Guinness. Ad for EPIC museum Ireland

History, Interactive, Education

At EPIC you can digitally experience the impact Irish emigration had on the entire world. What famous artists and politicians have Irish roots? What parts of Irish culture manifested themselves abroad? This museum is the perfect place to teach children about their heritage and learn new aspects of what it means to be Irish. Learning about Irish culture globally with quizzes, dance, interactive boards is going to keep your children engaged and interested. Want to take a look before? Here is a link to the virtual tour of EPIC

Price €40 per Family
Age7 +
LocationCustom House Quay, Dublin 1
FoodThe CHQ building has a few options to offer like Sushi, Grill, Starbucks and more

Explorium – National Sport & Science Centre

Learning, Fun, Awesome

Kid playing with geometric squares

This place is by far the largest place with so many options, you need to come back to check them all out. Explorium is split up into three main areas: Junior, Science and Sport. The Junior area is going to astonish small children with an interactive aquarium, science experiments and learning toys. For children under 6 at off-peak times, adults can enter the area for free! Science is the largest area of Explorium with over 300 STEM experiments such as a Gravity Room, VR-Experiences, a G-force bike, heat cameras and sports challenges. This place is going to keep the whole family entertained for hours. It is well worth the money. You will find something interesting for everyone. Sports experience can be added on such as playing against a robot goalie or formula 1 racing (€5 each). Alternatively, you can also book a visit to the caves for an intense experience of getting through more than 100m of caves. They also have a climbing area with challenging walls and obstacles to bring you together closer as a family. 

Price Junior: €12 per Child
Science: €70 per Family
Sport: €15 per Activity per Person
AgeJunior 2 – 6 Years
Science 6 + Years
Climbing 6+ Years
Caves 8+ Years
LocationSandyford, Dublin 18
FoodLookout Cafe on-site with a great view over Dublin

Dublin Climbing Centre – The Only Way is Up

Active, Challenging, Exciting

Child climbing at indoor climbing hall

You like to keep active and set yourself a challenge? Bouldering is all about teamwork, focussing your mind and doing very precise body movements. On over 1000 square meters you can bring yourself to overcome your limits and truly learn to trust in your abilities. You can climb with or without a harness and book a session of 1.5 hrs with a qualified instructor to get you started. Wall climbing is exciting and a great adrenaline kick but it also shows you how far you can push your body to keep you from falling. I think this is a great way to bond with your pre-teen or teenager, cheer each other on and save each other by giving tips on how to overcome the obstacles. 

Price €35 per Person for an induction session
Age6 +
LocationTallaght, Dublin 24
FoodTallaght Shopping Centre is close by, I would recommend Wowburger