COVID Lockdown Level 3 Update for Ireland

Last Updated on October 6, 2020

Nationwide update of the press conference from October 5th. We have gathered all the information relevant to parents and children in Ireland. It has been decided that nationwide level 3 is to be implemented with additional restrictions in Dublin. Below you will find all the important questions answered regarding the new restrictions and their impact on schools, creches and childcare facilities.

Are schools going to stay open?

Yes. Schools are to stay open with protective measures in place.

Are creches and childminding facilities open?

Yes. Creches and childcare facilities are staying open.

What shops will be open?

Shops, hairdressers, barbers and beauticians stay open as before with protective measures in place.

Can I travel?

Stay in your county. Only essential travel such as work and medical appointments are permitted crossing counties.

Can my kids have playdates?

Yes, under restrictions. There can be only 1 other household apart from your own at a playdate. You can invite up to 6 people from one household to your place.

Are after school classes and clubs open?

Outdoor non-contact training up to 15 people is allowed. All indoor sports are canceled such as dance classes.

Can we have visitors?

Yes under restrictions. Visitors are allowed from only 1 other household and a total amount of 6 people.

Are matches and competitions on?

No. All matches and competitions are off, apart from professional sports.

Are gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres open?

Yes, they are open for individual training only. There are no group exercises allowed.

Can I go to the restaurant?

Yes, however, there is only outdoor seating available for up to 15 customers in Restaurants, Cafes & Pubs. Wet Pubs in Dublin remain closed.

Are Playgrounds & Parks open?

Yes. Playground and parks are to stay open.

Are museums open?

No. Museums are closed due the restrictions imposed.

How long will the level 3 restrictions last for?

The restrictions are going to be reviewed in three weeks from now.

Current confirmed COVID cases:

In the chart below you can find the national breakdown per county of COVID-19 cases. Based on the data released by the government on Friday 02/10/2020, Dublin has the greatest amount of confirmed cases with 17.720 out of 36.593. Next highest are County Kildare and County Cork with more than 2.000 cases each. To find more information, read the latest statistics released by NPHET.