Dance classes are back!

Last Updated on December 11, 2020

On Thursday, 3rd of December, it was announced that dance and drama classes are allowed to reopen immediately. 

ballet class

Numerous campaigns had been advocating for weeks to treat dance classes equal to sports practice. Under the previously announced Level 3 COVID restrictions, the performing arts sector was not allowed to offer socially distanced group classes, whereas other indoor sports such as Martial Arts were allowed to reopen. Groups such as Let Our Children Dance and the Irish Ballet Teachers Association organised a peaceful, silent protest in front of Leinster House on Thursday. At the same time, Emer Higgins T.D. made a passionate speech, bringing the claims of the protestors inside the Dáil. 

Dancers and performing artists deserve the same treatment as our athletes.

Emer Higgins T.D.

In the end, the Dáil came to the conclusion that dance, drama and stage schools will be allowed to reopen immediately.

Dance Classes under Level 3 restrictions

Classes are allowed to operate with no more than 15 students and 2m socially distanced. Masks are to be worn at all times and the arrival times of students should be staggered. The Arts Council is going to release detailed guidance in line with the Sport Ireland guidelines next week.

Some of the dance studios organised amazing mental health awareness campaigns such as Back Street Dance Studios Dublin to reopen performing arts classes. If you are looking to support or sign up to dance classes in Dublin or dance classes in Wexford, we put together some of the best schools for your child.