Free Virtual Camp this Week! – Extended

Last Updated on January 15, 2021

Starcamp is offering a free Virtual Camp for the entire month of January to every child.

Most of us have been taken by surprise when schools and creches were closed for the entire week and with many parents returning to work and struggling to keep kids busy at home, this is a true blessing! Starcamp has been providing holiday camps for over 12 years and is known for always delivering a highly interactive and fun experience to children. This virtual camp is pre-recorded so you can watch it at any time. Each camp day video is for 90 mins.

Who is it suitable for?

This program is targeted at primary school-aged children between 4 – 12. 

How does it work?

When you register for the Virtual Camp you will receive a 5-day pass to access the 5 pre-recorded videos. Your access starts as soon as you subscribe and ends after 5 days. You can view the videos until the 31st of January. You can watch the videos on any device and on up to 2 devices at once. 

What content is there?

Starcamps’ staff have prepared a full 90 mins programme for each day with games, movement, magic tricks, jokes, science and baking to follow along. 

How do you register for Starcamp?

Go to Starcamps’ website and at the top menu select Virtual Camp – Jan 21. Fill in the registration form with your name and email address to receive your access link. 

This is such a great initiative and we genuinely want to thank Starcamp for offering this amazing camp to everyone! Since the free camp has launched over 100.000 families have registered to participate. There were some technical difficulties over the weekend because of the large demand on the website, however, these were resolved. Should you need any assistance, the Starcamp team can help you at [email protected]. If you are looking for more ways to keep your kids busy this January, check out our post on things to do at home.