Best Family Movies on Netflix

Last Updated on September 24, 2020

We always have such a nice vision of family movie nights. Everyone huddles together on the couch, popcorn is flying everywhere and one of the kids might even fall asleep during the movie. However, sometimes it can be hard to agree on what movie to watch when you’ve got two kids with very different interests. If you are trying to find something that boys, girls and parents will enjoy to watch together this weekend, this list is for you. These movies are not only going to make you laugh out loud but also are a great way of bonding with your children. After watching movies we like to retell or reenact our favourite scenes and jokes from the film make us laugh even days later.

Thankfully, streaming services make it so much easier to access a great selection of movies instantly. We’ve gathered all our family favourites on this list where I am sure you will find something for your family to watch as well. These movies are suitable for all ages and we’ve got animated and non-animated movies. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy.

Remote control in front of TV with Netflix on.


Madagascar: An unlikely group of friends, a lion, a zebra, a hippo and a giraffe suddenly are released into the wild after having lived their life comfortably at a Zoo. This movie is incredibly funny to children and adults alike and features the famous song: I like to move it (now it is stuck in my head again). 

Shrek: An unusual fairy tale with an emotional story about friendship, self-belief and love told in a comedic way. Shrek is an ogre who loves living his grumpy life, undisturbed until a donkey comes around and turns his whole life upside down. The development of their friendship is super fun to watch and is relatable on many levels. 

How To Train Your Dragon: Follow along as imperfect hero Hiccup changes the world by befriending a wild dragon against all odds. An impressive animative masterpiece with lots of action, a great message to face your fears and trust in your heart. And those dragons are super cute. 

Bee Movie: Becoming friends with a bee might sound like an insane idea. Watch this movie and you will change your mind. Discovering the human world through a bee’s eyes is pictured in a cute, funny and sarcastic way in the Bee movie. You will love this family comedy. 

Minions: Even after the 100th time, these little yellow guys still make us laugh. The sense of humour is easy to understand and kids love the Minions and their crazy way of talking. 


Ballerina: A heartwarming story of a little girl with big dreams of becoming a ballerina. Félicie has never had ballet training and suddenly takes the chance to join the Paris Opera ballerinas. Watch her struggling and working harder than anyone else to fulfil her big dream. This story is very inspiring and is going to get your children to dance through the kitchen for days after. 

Kung Fu Panda: This movie is so incredibly hilarious, you will have a hard time not falling off your chair laughing. Po, a panda who is very clumsy and naive, gets chosen to become a Dragon Warrior. He has to train Kung Fu with the masters to save his town from the villains. Being a Kung Fu master is not easy when your favourite activity is to eat. 

Hotel Transylvania: Father Dracula is trying to keep his unusual family safe from humans and hosts all kinds of monsters in his hotel. His daughter wants to see the world but Dracula won’t let her because of all the dangers. Too bad, that one day, the danger arrived right to his door. A human that his daughter falls in love with. The movie is a comedic masterpiece and has a great story about family and love. 


Pup Star: Do you like singing? Do you like dogs? Here you get these two together in an adorable family movie. Which dog is going to win the singing competition and become Pup Star? There are some good jokes and groovy songs to sing along. 

Hotel for Dogs: Such a cute story that is going to warm every animal lovers heart. Two siblings found a dog that they cannot keep at home so instead, they look after him in an abandoned hotel. Quickly, the situation evolves and more stray dogs join their little group and the siblings have to get pretty creative about how to take care of all these doggies. The story gets a little emotional but there is a happy ending for everyone. 

Annie: On Netflix Ireland, you can choose this year between watching the classic or the reboot (2014) version of Annie. Kids will love this movie, especially, because at many schools they will learn at least one of the songs of this musical to sing in class. Annie is living in poverty as a foster child when her life gets turned upside down as she gets adopted by a rich politician. Annie is always positively spirited and enjoys the little and big moments in life. 

Beethoven: A family classic that you should definitely put on your must-watch list. Beethoven is ginormous St. Bernard family dog and happens to be a trouble maker. He and his family have quite a few adventures keeping him under control but when the evil vet is trying to put Beethoven in danger, the whole family gets together. This is such a lighthearted family comedy you can only love. 

Babe: Have you even see the world through a pigs eyes? Watch Babe and fall in love with this adorable piglet trying to find its way around the farm life. Babe decides he should become a sheepdog and tries desperately to gain the respect of the other animals on the farm. Life is not easy for a little pig but because of his kindness, he wins the love of everyone.

Matilda: Based on the amazing book by Roald Dahl, Matilda is here to save your day. This little girl is not only extraordinarily smart, but she also has supernatural powers. When she starts primary school and gets taken under the wings of her teacher, Matilda discovers self-confidence and being smart is very useful. She rebels against bullies and unites kids to take down the terrible principal.

Benji: Watching this Netflix reboot of Benji should be on your to-do list for this weekend. Benji is a stray dog who makes friends with two siblings that look after him. But one day, the children get kidnapped and the police are desperately trying to find them. Benji comes in to help and ends up rescuing the kids from the kidnappers. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Another Roald Dahl based movie has made it onto this list and you might argue it is the best one. Charlie who lives in poverty, surrounded by a loving family becomes the unlikely winner of an exclusive tour of the Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Mr Wonka, the eccentric owner leads Charlie and the other winners through his fantastic factory past chocolate rivers and squirrels cracking nuts. The quality of this movie is breathtaking and you might end up wanting a snack watching this movie.